Hello there!

We’re Wendy and Chloe Collins, the mother-daughter duo behind Atlanta’s Perennial Pop Co., and we are passionate about artisanal vegan cream pops.

How it All Began…

Our love affair with delicious, ethically sourced, gluten-free vegan pops all began when Chloe started having trouble eating one of her favorite food groups—dairy. She would get terrible stomach aches and had difficulty digesting food that contained it.

At the time, soy was becoming a popular dairy substitute so we decided to give it a try. The results were the same. She suffered severe discomfort when she consumed soy as well, and we were back where we started.

Chloe had been a vegetarian for years and decided to remove all animal products from her diet, including dairy, to further align her diet with her love of animals and respect for the environment. She discovered that her transition to a soy-free vegan diet immediately solved her digestive issues. Finally, she found the solution she needed. 

I already had a love of farm fresh and organic fruits, veggies, and whole foods so it was easy to incorporate Chloe’s plant-based diet into our family meals.

What wasn’t so easy was dessert time. It was a struggle to find natural, soy-free vegan desserts. After years of trying to find vegan ice cream alternatives in the flavors we love we decided to take matters into our own hands. We set out to solve a real-life problem that not just us, but many other people struggle with.

Today, through Perennial Pop Co. we are proud to share our delicious, natural and organic, ethically sourced artisanal vegan cream pops with people and businesses in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. And trust us, you don’t have to be vegan to love our cream pops.


Our Mission

Our mission is to produce high quality vegan desserts using natural, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients. We want our customers, clients, and employees to feel a sense of joy, pride and personal satisfaction when they see our cart, purchase our pops, and connect with us.


Partner with us!

We are proud to handcraft each of our delicious artisanal vegan cream pops and we look forward to sharing them with you. Hire us to help make your next event a memorable experience and follow us on social media @perennialpopco to find out about upcoming events and cart appearances.

Have a sweet day!

Wendy & Chloe