Hello there!

We’re Wendy and Chloe Collins, the mother-daughter Team behind Atlanta’s Perennial Pop Co.

How it All Began…

The passion that led to the creation of Perennial Pop Co. began when Chloe was a child. She started having problems digesting one of her favorite food groups - dairy. Dairy substitutes derived from soy also proved to be problematic, so after many years of searching for dairy-free and soy-free ice cream that was available in flavors we loved, we decided to develop it ourselves.

Today, through Perennial Pop Co., we are proud to share our delicious, natural, organic, and ethically sourced dairy-free cream pops. We’ve made them as allergy-friendly as we can by not including animal products, soy, gluten, or nuts such as peanuts, almonds, or cashews.

We also strive to source our ingredients as ethically as possible. We value working with local farmers and food artisans and use organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible.


Partner with us!

We look forward to sharing our delicious dairy-free cream pops with you. Partner with us to bring Perennial Pop Co. cream pops to your cafe, restaurant, school or grocery store. You can also hire us to help make your next event a memorable experience.

Follow us on social media @perennialpopco to find out about upcoming events and cart appearances.

Have a sweet day!

Wendy & Chloe