Amazing pops! I get so excited for events where they are so I can get a fix! Delish and healthy!
— T. Dawn
I tried these pops at @morningsidefarmersmarket and loved them. I loved them so much I ordered them for my daughter’s birthday. The pops were a HIT! Everyone loved them. I had ordered about 5 extra and they where gone. Some guest asked how they could get some. These are the most flavorful creamy ice pops; and to think they are vegan. I love them.
— Tasha M.
I had the pleasure of meeting these ladies today and talking to them about their pops. I had the coconut lime pineapple pop and it was a wonderful mix of flavors. The best pop I have ever had! Thank you for making such an amazing pop, and healthy too!
— Allison L.
I love this product so much. It is such an intense and delicious flavor bomb in my mouth. They are truly the best popsicles I have ever tasted. I cannot choose a favorite because, I love them all.
— Pamela J., J's Kitchen Culinary Incubator
Cannot say enough wonderful things about Perennial Pop. Great people and amazing popsicles. The quality and flavor of these popsicles make eating healthy feel easy.
— Taylor D.
Hats off to my two new friends Chloe and her amazing mother Wendy for what they have created together is breathtakingly important. @perennialpopco is here Atlanta and look out. These #vegan #fairtrade #organic #popsicles are #outofthisworld and everyone needs to know their name! And where to buy these delicious treats.
— Sean O'Keefe, Sean O'Keefe Events
OMG. We are still reveling in the incredible flavors and loving touch that these artisans put into each of their pops.
We have tasted each one. I didn’t want to share. I won’t next time.
— Kim Purnell, Bella's Best Organic Gourmet
THEY are INCREDIBLE pops! You guys seriously have something awesome on your hands and I’m excited for the success Perennial will receive, especially for vegans who want something sweet and creamy that is delicious and enjoyable! I had the Vanilla Rose and it is without a doubt the best popsicle I have ever had in my life, and the others weren’t far behind.
— Kennie W., Broadstone Midtown

The official guilt free treat. I have thoroughly enjoyed the excellent assortment of all natural flavors. You will not be disappointed…
— Nelson Y.

Such a wonderful idea and even better product! I love the flavor selection as well! I’m not vegan personally but I enjoyed the product very much!
— Cameron Y.

I’ve had a chance to taste many of these pops and they are all truly delicious!
— Rob S.